Gala Event Planning

Gala Event Planning

About Our Gala Event Planning Services

Planning a gala event is a major undertaking, and requires significant attention to detail and the experience to juggle many moving parts at once. Your goals for a successful event are important to driving the decisions on entertainment, decor and style, timing of the event, and the marketing needed to promote the event.

Whether it is a corporate gala or a fundraiser, there are many tasks involved in organizing this type of event. Who are your desired attendees? Are you looking to invite dignitaries? An event of this caliber needs to be planned well enough in advance that desired venues are available, and dignitaries typically require advanced notice to find availability in their schedules.

ReFresh Event Management has the experience to orchestrate your gala event, considering all of the details. We offer services to create your event from start-to-finish, including soliciting silent auction items, securing venues, writing and sending dignitary invitation letters, arranging for an MC and script-writing, and so much more. Organizing attendees can also be daunting with last minute changes, special requirements, and ensuring everyone finds their seats without any issues.

Working with us on your gala, your experience will be personalized and catered specifically to your needs. No two events are alike, and we are here to work directly with you to ensure your event is successful and achieves your goals. Our 20+ years of experience in corporate and charity event planning ensures your event will be everything you expect, and more.

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